he Boston Boppers television show - Boston's equivalent of American Bandstand - is holding a reunion. Carla and ex-husband Nick used to dance on the show when they were teenagers, they being the best dance couple at the time. Carla wants to go to the reunion with Nick only because there is a dance contest with a first place prize of $500 and trip to Hawaii. However, when Nick - with current wife Loretta in tow - shows up to discuss going to the reunion together with Carla, they get into an argument about who was and is the better dancer. The argument breaks down into a contest pitting Nick against Carla, Nick vowing instead to bring Loretta. Carla first thinks about asking another old Boppers dancer, Eddie Csznyck, a great dancer who always had the dance hots for Carla. Eddie is willing but not able as he has an accident which sidelines him. Diane suggests to Sam that he take Carla. At one point in their relationship, Diane and Sam clandestinely took ballroom dance lessons, and Sam was good. Despite not wanting to ruin his macho image, Sam surprises Carla by telling her that he'll take her and that he's quite a good dancer. At the reunion, Nick/Loretta and Carla/Sam square off, but they are not the only dancers at the reunion. The reunion does show who are the best two dancers.

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