lthough Diane and Sam were on the verge of rekindling their relationship following Diane Chambers Day at the opera, the flame subsides a bit when Sam goes on a date with another woman, despite the fact that Sam and Diane aren't officially dating again yet. But Sam has other things on his mind, namely business. Another sports celebrity is opening a chain of pubs which is bound to take away business from Cheers. So Sam proposes a new management structure, where he hangs up his bartender hat to become the full-time manager/host, welcoming guests and devising new ways to drum up business. This scheme opens up another bartender position. The staff at the bar think this idea is bad, but Sam goes ahead with it anyway. Sam hires a new bartender, Ken Charters, a young family man struggling to make ends meet before this job. A week goes by, and Sam's plan is a failure, as he isn't really good at coming up with money raising concepts and patrons are off-put by his hosting. This failure means that he will have to go back to bartending, and fire one of the bartenders. Despite Woody being a friend and having seniority, Sam has a difficult time justifying firing nice and hard working Ken, who needs the job more. What will Sam do?

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