arla is upset that her sixteen-year old son, Anthony, is lovestruck with a girl named Annie. Carla thinks that Anthony needs to spend some time with an adult male figure to give Anthony some idea of what he would be missing by not experiencing male adult life as a single. Sam agrees to be that person. After his day with Sam is filled with 'Annie this' and 'Annie that', Anthony confesses that he and Annie want to get married. Sam's womanizing ways do not impress Anthony. Carla finds out about Anthony's plans, Anthony who credits it to Sam. Anthony and Annie even come in with a consent form to get married. Carla finally offers them a deal: no communication whatsoever for two weeks, and if they still want to get married after that, she will give them her blessing. Carla's thought is that Anthony needs no distraction from Annie for his eye to wander to other girls. What will two weeks apart do to Anthony and Annie's relationship? Meanwhile, Diane tries to get a job as a teaching assistant in the college's English Department. And Cliff goes further off the deep end trying to convince everyone that his home-grown potato is the splitting image of Richard Nixon.

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