iane is more distracted than usual. She wants to buy an autographed first edition copy of Ernest Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises' for $500, but is short of cash. She contemplates asking Sam for the money, but hesitates based on their history. But she does ask, and Sam surprisingly agrees. Despite stating that he doesn't need to know what the money will be used for and that he never expects to see the money again, a grateful Diane says that she will repay him. A couple of weeks pass, Diane has purchased the book but Sam hasn't seen a penny of repayment. In fact, Diane seems to be spending a lot of money of late on little luxuries for herself. When Sam learns from Carla that Diane bought one book with the money, he does take his frustrations on not getting repaid out on Diane. As a display of good faith, Diane gives Sam the book as collateral until she pays him back. An incident with the book brings Sam and Diane closer together, but perhaps not quite in the way Diane anticipates by Sam's initial act. Meanwhile, the gang at the bar fail in an attempt to break the world bathroom stuffing record. Determined Cliff is desperate to make it into the world record book and will try other means to do so.

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