arla's a little depressed. No one has answered her personal ad, in which she was totally honest, including about the size of her family. To boost her self-confidence which they figure will ultimately attract men, the guys at the bar decide to create a fictional respondent - Mitch Wainwright, airline pilot - obviously who will always make excuses for not being able to meet. Diane disapproves as she sees no good coming out of a lie, especially when it comes time for Carla and Mitch to meet. Carla is ultimately enchanted by Mitch, so enchanted that she waits for a date with Mitch to the exclusion of all others, including Vinnie Clausen, who may be no Mitch Wainwright but is at least a real person who answered her ad. Meanwhile, Diane is taking a mime class and brings the resident mime, Sotto, into the bar to entertain the patrons. Diane is sure that Sam, who hates mimes as does everyone else in the bar, will love the art form by evening's end. Every single person in the bar does have the same attitude toward Sotto as Diane by the time that he is ready to leave at the end of the night.

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