am is being interviewed by his old buddy, Dave Richards, for a radio program. In it, Sam refers to Diane as one of his old love bunnies, to which she takes offense. That is a small relationship issue compared to what Norm might be facing. Norm's neighbor, Phyllis Henshaw, has a sneaking suspicion that her husband, Ron, and Norm's wife, Vera, are having an affair, a suspicion she shares with Norm. Although Norm is at first unconvinced, Phyllis convinces him that they should hire a private detective to find out for sure. Carla recommends to them her cousin, Santo. While Norm and Phyllis await the ultimate news, they ponder their fate if the news is bad. They both vow to have an affair as well, with each other being the most convenient possibility. Will Norm and Phyllis do what they believe Ron and Vera are doing, and/or will it be predicated on what Santo finds out?

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