he gang at Cheers is in competition with the gang at Gary's Olde Towne Tavern again. This time it's baseball, and Cheers is whooped, despite having former major leaguer Sam on the team. Gary comes to Cheers to gloat, which leads to another contest, this time in bowling. Diane not only has contempt for the competition, but for bowling itself as well. Carla figures that all bowlers are beer guzzling slobs, and thus Cheers has a shot at winning. It doesn't seem likely after the tryouts. However Carla finds out that they might have an ace in the hole in the form of Woody. Woody has other things on his mind though as he hasn't bowled since 'the accident', where his ball made a pin fly through the air which in turn struck an innocent bystander. Woody refuses to bowl. Can Cheers win without Woody? A further wager between Sam and Gary may spur an ace in the hole to participate in the competition after all.

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