am and Diane announce to the gang at the bar that they are engaged, however Carla goes into deep denial about this news, which is her worst nightmare. Diane loves this one engagement ring, and so does Sam until he finds out the $5,200 price. Norm mentions to Sam in secret that he has a jeweler friend, the term jeweler used very loosely, who can reproduce the ring for a fraction of the cost at $1,200. Sam agrees with the ruse. After giving Diane the knockoff ring, he in turn needs to tell one lie after another to protect his secret, each lie costing his some money. After he figures he can no longer support the lie, he goes and buys the real ring, now having paid in total $9,000 for the real ring, the knockoff and all the items to support the lie. Afterward, Diane, without Sam's knowledge, finds out that Sam bought the knockoff ring. Diane however doesn't know that Sam has in turn purchased the real ring, which ends up causing some complications in their relationship.

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