fter Woody's Uncle Fergie has a mugging filled trip to Boston, Woody's father thinks that Boston too dangerous a place for his son and wants him to return back home to Indiana. The gang at the bar thinks that showing Woody's friends through the making of a home movie would settle Woody's father's concerns. The first attempt has Diane as writer, director and cinematographer. Her "cast" rebels at the unnatural for them dialog in Diane's script and they fire her; she then absolves herself from the project. The final product of the second attempt has Woody shown individually with each of his friends in each of their natural settings: Sam in his office, Carla at a backyard BBQ at her house with her rambunctious kids, Cliff on his postal route, Norm at the Hungry Heifer and Frasier at his psychiatrist's office. After viewing each agrees that they all come off as boobs, that is except for Diane, who sees this version as the start of something great, all it needing is a few Chambers touches. Will the Jean-Luc Godard inspired Diane redux version, which she takes it upon herself to send to Woody's parents, do the trick?

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