am and Diane are still on their divergent paths to the supposed altar, Diane going on like they're engaged, Sam like they're not. Cliff is hoping for some other romance in his life. Wealthy and all alone in the world Duncan 'Fitz' Fitzgerald is a new patron in the bar, and Cliff can see himself on easy street for the rest of his life if Fitz and Cliff's mother, Esther, hit it off and get married. Much to Cliff's amazement, Fitz and Esther do hit it off and do get engaged. But much to Cliff's consternation, Fitz and Esther decide to donate all Fitz' excess money to charity. Cliff is no longer as happy about his mother's new romance. Can Cliff get over Fitz and Esther's financial plans and think about his mother's happiness instead? Something else may threaten Esther's happiness with Fitz.

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