ecause of her burgeoning family, Carla is looking to move from her apartment and buy a house. Cliff mentions to her that he has noticed a nice and quite inexpensive house in a nice neighborhood on his postal route. Although she is somewhat skeptical especially since the tip was given by Cliff, the gang talk her into at least going to take a look at it. She is enamored with the house, and quickly buys it. It is then that Norm finds out that the house was built atop an old prison grave, with legend being that the spirits in the grave will haunt any person who decides to live on that property. They are reluctant to tell superstitious Carla. They ultimately do decide to tell Carla, who balks at the idea of the house being haunted. This balking however is masking a deep seated fear of the house. They talk her into spending at least one night in the house, which should exorcise any demons living there, or at least allay any fears she might have about the house. She agrees ultimately with Cliff by her side. Can Carla and Cliff stick it out throughout the night without incident?

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