iane and her date, Jordan Brundidge, have managed to secure reservations at the latest "it" restaurant in Boston called The Cafe. Sam thinks that perhaps he should take his latest conquest, Darlene, there as well. Diane laughs in his face as The Cafe is not the type of place one can call up on the spur of the moment and expect a table. Sam thinks that he can seeing to his local celebrity status. He calls and Diane seems to be right. Even Frasier can't manage to call in a favor from an old colleague, Dr. Julian Weinstein, a world famous transplant surgeon and gourmet, who would be able to get a last minute reservation there. Sam does whatever it takes to show his superiority over Diane in this matter, even if it takes a little false advertising. His false advertising leads to an uncomfortable night both for himself and Diane. Meanwhile, Woody is determined to concoct a new bar drink that doesn't taste like sewer water.

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