he gang are celebrating their second anniversary of beating Gary's Olde Towne Tavern in bowling, their one and only victory in the bar wars. But they are also on a winning streak. The act of Gary stealing and breaking the bowling trophy reignites their war, of which Rebecca is unfamiliar. She refuses to participate, until the war starts to affect her. The pranks are generally mild but juvenile, but Rebecca agrees to Gary's offer of a truce. The cease fire quickly ends when Gary pulls another prank. Beyond the pranks, the gang at Cheers become paranoid about every stranger that comes into the bar, including someone who claims to be Red Sox power hitter Wade Boggs, who says he was sent by Gary to sign autographs. He looks like Wade Boggs, sounds like Wade Boggs, but does that make him Wade Boggs? The resulting end of this war is in the words of the wise "pretty weeny".

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