arking valet Davey, the brother of a white friend of B.A., hires the A-team because he's fired, falsely accused of one of the car thefts committed by an apparently professional gang. Murdocks therapeutic passion is minding a potted plant. Face has to delay a very rich contract with a Saudi prince and risk his Corvette as bait, and it gets worse: the man who seemed to steal Face's Corvette honestly took it for his own, the crooks take the team van (with Murdocks plant in it); Hannibal and B.A. fail to catch them in the Corvette. Davey suggests Tiney Roscoe might be in on the car parts trade; under pressure he indicated a used cars dealer, Sam Friendly, who has a whole staff but is preoccupied with a certain mobster Tony Victor's demand for one exact duplicate. Face becomes Sams best car salesman ever by far in a single day, so he learns half of the business is without papers. Hannibal plays Johnny B, a rock producer who wants a dozen limousines and one Porsche; the deposit allows Face to spy the safe combination, so he can read enough about the next secret cars transport, even if he must kiss Sams secretary & girlfriend Cindy, for which he is somewhat roughed up. 'Johhny B' insists to get his Porsche soon, or the deal is off, so Sam has a freshly stolen one prepared in a hurry, but the team forces him to show them his lumber yard; alas they get an unexpectedly well-armed welcome from Tony Victors men, who rush off in fake police cars and uniforms for a high-profile funeral... .

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