bunch of criminals has managed to buy a truck load of U.S. Air Force Snake-eye Missiles (I.D. No. 37820446, for example). When they are moving them from the truck into a warehouse, a bunch of black-clad men rappel down the side of the building and get into a firefight where nobody gets hit. They do manage to steal the truck, though. Meanwhile, MacGyver is in a party to meet a professor friend of his. But some guys for someone named Hank are watching the professor. And now they might have "another one to deal with". Mac just wants to know about the glitch the professor found in the Snake Eye missile's guiding system - and how to fix it. The way it happened was that one of the professor's student, Kate, hacked into the DoD's computer, discovered the designs of the missile and detected the glitch. She knows how to fix it and the professor is willing to talk about the subject when MacGyver can guarantee that "no nastiness" falls onto Kate. Hank's men try to grab the professor outside the club but accidentally shoot him dead and it's now up to MacGyver to sort everything out.

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