ust when Mac has finished soccer-coaching the boys of a North African Catholic orphanage, Brian Ashford's sisters Sara convinces him to break her innocently framed brother Brian, a medical missionary, from prison. So Mac lightly assaults two cops who beat up an old peddler, and is told by the warden ('commandant') Western privilege is no longer his share, nothing for nothing. Mac befriends old Frenchman Francois Villars, who helps him find out trustee Khan is the key man in luxury who runs a PCP drugs lab, with whom he ingratiates himself thanks to his technical fixing skills, and that Brian is in the political ward. The warden has every room wired, including where Mac's visiting 'wife' Ashley comes arrange transport to wait outside for the boys' escape, but Mac knew about the wiring, so his escape plan is double-bottomed. However there are more two-faced hidden agendas, in- and outside...

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