acGyver sneaks in a Middle Eastern tribal leader's camp to return a priceless thoroughbred, the theft of which was fared to start a tribal war which might sparkle a big one, is cornered, wins the duel unarmed on horseback and is picked up with the precious mount; that story ends well right there. Just back, Mac is personally asked to receive confidential information from fellow secret agent Nikolaj Grodsky in then communist Hungary's capital Budapast. He catches gypsy girl Jana picking his knife from his pocket, only to find after he lets her go she struck again already. The thief picked Nikolaj's pocket too, unnoticed, just before he's terminally hit by a car when running for Russian agent Kossov, who searches the corps in vain for his watch but sees Mac and Jana on traffic camera recordings and orders both brought in, helped by Hungarian police inspector Jan Messic. When Mac finds Jana, she tells him in tears to fear for her family as she already passed the watch to her brother Bruno; once they find Bruno and the others in Borza political prison, Mac springs them free in his surprising explosive way, only to hear the watch was already sold to gypsy fence Reena, who lets him take it when Kossov and Messic arrive. The four gypsies asks Mac to take them to America, so it's a hot race to the Austrian border...

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