ichael 'Mikey' Simmons dupes mob boss Charles 'Papa Chuck' Banning by selling him sauerkraut for the top-secret navigation device Navcon-27 he stole from his employer Vectrocom. Banning hires hit-man Jimmy 'The Eraser' Kendall, just released after 10 years in prison, for revenge. Pete begs Mac to cut short his week off and opportunity to practice his Midwest youth passion ice hockey with the Squirels to search for Simmons and the device, with one lead: a bar to look for him. There Jimmy passes himself for Mikey's dad (in fact dead), supposedly eager to start helping his estranged son, so Mac will lead him to Simmons after tracing the girlfriend he found out about by breaking in at Vectrocom's HQ. Now the Eraser is ready to fulfill his contract by erasing the only witness- macgyverisms save their lives, until Jimmy gets them at gunpoint, and yet...

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