ac and Pete are helping a friend of Mac's, a race car driver develop a new engine he designed. They intend to give it the ultimate test at a stock car race. But another manufacturer, whom Mac's friend once worked for, is also there to showcase his new car which he needs to win because he's in financial trouble. And his driver is a man Mac knows from his days when he raced in Europe and not fondly. The manufacturer wanting to make sure he wins, coerces the mechanic to make sure. But in the end Mac's friend is injured and can't drive in the race. Mac learns what happened and searches for the mechanic but he vanishes after meeting with the manufacturer and his driver. Mac gets the race official to let his friend enter another car and driver in his place. And his friend wants Mac to do it but Mac is still haunted by his experience in Europe with the driver. So they decide to let another guy drive while Mac builds a new car. Eventually Pete finds out the mechanic's secret and finds out what may have happened to him when he turns up dead. But when the driver doesn't show up, Mac has to deal with his past and step up.

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