oday is Al's birthday and he goes over his cardinal rules with his family. His kids, Kelly and Bud are to leave him alone and Peg isn't allowed to have sex with him. This is followed by his kids putting up tinted sheets on his dodge. He goes to work with Jefferson after having a great breakfast at the Giggly Room. Griff presented him a lunch time at the Giggly Room. As they were about to leave a fat woman named Shirley walks in and demands her money back because her shoes fell apart after one day. Al insults her weight once again, calling her a giant seal. She leaves insulted and he heads off to the Giggly room. After Al returns, Shirley and the fat women, he insulted over the years they've patronize Gary's, put him on trial for excessive crimes against obesity, with his insults to their weight. Can he survive long enough against them to use his coupons to places he wants to go and use them? Or will Al be force to endure their punishment they plan for him?

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