avid's increased drug use turns into a nightmare for him, Kelly and their parents when, while under the influence of sedatives, he loses baby Erin at a park. Meanwhile, Donna temporarily forgets about David when she flirts with an attractive ski instructor, named Chad, during a ski trip with the rest of the gang. While Suzanne is out of town, Dylan spends the day with Erica teaching her how to surf, which takes a turn when Erica gets her first menstrual period. Then, Jim makes a background check of Suzanne for Dylan with her social security number and uncovers a secret bank account in her name. When Dylan confronts Suzanne about the $25,000 in her Iowa bank account after she previous told him that she was broke, Suzanne tells Dylan that it's the insurance money she just received from her trailer being destroyed and it was just deposited in her account 3 days ago. She said she would've told him sooner, but she wasn't even sure if she was going to get it. Meanwhile, Andrea sees a doctor and makes a shocking discovery about herself.

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