fter Brenda finally wins the lead role in the play, the unbalanced Laura attempts to sabotage Brenda's acting career by spreading rumors that she granted sexual favors with Randolph to win the lead. Meanwhile, Kevin impresses Dylan and Erica when they visit his lab where he tells Dylan about his clean-up plans for Santa Monica bay which are under funded. So, Dylan asks Kevin if he could act as his beneficiary to open up his own chemical clean-up company, while Kevin also announces his engagement to Suzanne. Kelly continues to resent Suzanne and Kevin's presence which drives a further riff between her and Dylan after she tells him that her 'Woman's Intuation' tells her that something is not right about Kevin and Suzanne. Jesse also suggests more bed-rest for Andrea who continues to feel unwell over her pregnancy. Also, Brandon speaks with Clare's skeptical father over her wild behavior and her advances towards him while she's making future plans to travel with him.

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