ylan and Kelly finally call their relationship quits due to him spending more time with Erica, Suzanne and Kevin, as well as Kelly openly expressing that she doesn't trust Suzanne and Kevin over their continuing presence. Erica tells Dylan that she overheard her mother and boyfriend talking about moving to South America, while Kevin and Suzanne (for some suspicious reason) easily convince Dylan they want to relocate Kevin's new chemical company in Arizona. Meanwhile, Brenda finds old feelings for Dylan returning to her when he gives her an opening-night gift medal before the play. Dylan considers investing in Kevin's business offer finance his new business, as does Jim who agrees to be a silent partner. Elsewhere, David sees danger of his drug use returning in working with a new rock band for the CU's Marti Gras. Andrea is hospitalized and has strange dreams fearing she may lose the baby. Also, Brandon tries to get to meet with an elusive Chancellor Arnold after he sees that his name is not on a list of task forces members to meet the president, thinking that his times with Clare may have cost him the trip to Washington. But, Brandon eventually learns that his name being absent from the list was just a typo mistake all along.

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