n the aftermath of the house fire, Kelly suffers second and third degree burns on right wrist, ear, and the whole right side of her neck. Allison's injuries are much more severe, but she maintains a positive attitude. Brandon is racked with guilt because of his feelings for Emily. Kelly does not react well when she learns that Emily is still in town. She calls Dylan to discuss her insecurities and Brandon visits him in search of advice. Kelly believes that Brandon is only staying with her out of guilt, but Emily eases her mind when she reveals that he expressed his love for Kelly before the fire. Meanwhile, Steve feels guilty for the house fire and calls upon his father, Rush, to help out. Griffin's father hires an accomplished attorney for Steve and Griffin where Rush advices both to plead guilty to criminal trespassing in order to avoid jail time. Steve and Griffin receive two years of probation and community service... and are forbidden from operating dance clubs or parties for two years. Steve is furious to learn of this provision, especially after he discovers that Griffin in fact stole the keys from his father's real estate office to the house, rather than obtaining permission to use it for the rave. Steve tells his father that he didn't know about what Griffin did, but Rush (being more arrogant and narrow-minded) refuses to believe Steve and tells him not to ever call on him again for help. Afterwards, Steve physically attacks Griffin and orders him to leave the fraternity. Elsewhere, Ray's perpetual bad mood confuses Donna. He explains that his mother always begins drinking around the holidays, as his drunkard father left her on Christmas... after pushing her down the stairs and causing her to have a miscarriage. Andrea and Jesse throw a party for Hannah's first Hanukkah. Jesse obtains work as an attorney for those who cannot afford representation. He is frustrated by the court treatment of a single Mexican immigrant father, whose kids are taken away when a babysitter neglects them. At the end, Dylan comes home from rehab and is greeted by a letter from a stranger who found Erica's bathroom note pleading for his help.

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