ylan recruits Valerie to help him and Jonesy pull off a caper in Punta Brava, Mexico to reclaim his lost money after they find Kevin and Suzanne. Jones and Valerie pose as a couple at a resort hotel where they befriend Kevin and Suzanne (aka: Karl and Kitty Cavendish) in order to get to know more about where they keep Dylan's stolen money. But when Dylan wants to rescue his sister Erica, Jones backs out, leaving Dylan to carry on a rash rescue attempt alone. In Beverly Hills, Brandon feels threatened by Kelly's relationship with Professor Finley when Brandon starts dealing with criticism by the dean concerning the professor's tenure and his unorthodox teaching methods. When Brandon meets Professor Finley for the first time to question him about his teaching methods, he sees another side to Finley who lashes out at Brandon which causes a rift between him and Kelly.

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