randon, now the new student body president of CU, has his first challenge when he is pressed into action by some human-rights activist students who are against the chancellor's friend Quintaro, a visiting Asian dignitary from a fictions South-East Asian country of Selanesia, who is accused of human-rights violations which puts Brandon at odds with both Clare and Chancellor Arnold. Meanwhile, Valerie helps Steve, Kelly, and fellow KEG members Griffin and Muntz, plan the theft of a rival college's mascot, a huge stuffed bear, during homecoming weekend. Donna skips the caper to spend some time with Ray at his family's pumpkin stand. Also, Andrea is depressed when Jesse is spending more time studying and bar tending than being with her. Andrea then meets a mysterious guy, named Peter, at her local laundromat. Elsewhere, Dylan forces Valerie to keep his financial situation a secret. But when Valerie later walks in on Dylan cheating on her with a local prostitute, she vows revenge.

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