ossy Aunt Agatha orders Bertie to go to Deverill Hall and woo Gertrude Winkworth. Gussie Fink-Nottle is due to go to the hall to impress Dame Daphne, Gertrude's mother and godmother to his beloved Madeleine Bassett. When Gussie is arrested for trying to catch newts in Trafalgar Square fountain, Bertie sees the chance to obey Agatha by going to the hall and also save the day for Gussie by impersonating him. When Gussie eventually turns up he has to pretend to be Bertie. Gertrude is captivated by him, romance blooms and Gussie writes to Madeleine to end their relationship. Bertie's efforts to retrieve the letter leads to his arrest and, worse, the attentions of Madeleine before Jeeves rescues him yet again.

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