n a New York Bookshop where he is buying Jeeves a birthday present Bertie meets forceful old flame Lady Florence Craye who has rowed with fiance 'Stilton' Cheesewright and decides she wants to get engaged to Bertie again. 'Stilton' decides he wants to do Bertie a mischief. Florence's father Lord Worplesdon, Aunt Agatha's second husband, is in New York to sell his boats to businessman J. Chichester Clam but the deal is meant to be secret and the press keep pursuing Clam - even on the hotel fire escape. His Lordship's niece Nobby will benefit by the deal as it will gain her the money needed for her beau George Caffyn to put on his play. Jeeves decides that to preserve anonymity everyone should meet in disguise at a penthouse fancy dress party, leading to confusion in high places.

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