etectives Briscoe and Logan investigate when a patrol car comes across Sol Bregman sitting alone in his car in a seedy part of town and find several million dollars in cash in the trunk. On the advice of his lawyer, Bregman tells them the truth - he was there to pay the ransom demanded by his son Jason's kidnappers. Bregman is a friend of Adam Schiff's and the police soon arrest Shep Watson and Helena Navarro and subsequently find the younger Bregman alive, but shot. Watson and Navarro claim however that Jason was in on the kidnapping to get money out of his father. Jason vehemently denies any participation in the scheme but breaks down and eventually claims Watson tried to kill him. Jason testifies but fails to appear at his sentencing. Sol Bregman refuses to to tell the DA where his son is leading to the elder Bregman being arrested for hindering prosecution.

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