ramer gets a pet rooster that he names after Jerry. Jerry bounces a check at the local liquor store but has difficulty paying it off. So much in fact, that his parents think that Jerry is strapped for cash. Marcelino, the owner of the liquor store, tells Jerry that there is money to be made in underground cockfighting rings. When Little Jerry wins his first fight, Marcelino wants to buy the bird, but Jerry and Kramer refuse to sell. Meanwhile, as part of his duties with the Foundation, George goes to a women's prison where they have just donated a generous sum of money. George dates one of the inmates and gets really turned on by the concept of "conjugal visit sex". When the prisoner escapes, George discovers something even better than conjugal visit sex - fugitive sex. Elaine dates a man who shaves his head, but when she convinces him to grow his hair in, he discovers that he's going bald and looks exactly like George.

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