erry buys his parents a Cadillac. His parents sell it to Jack Clompus for 6000 dollars and try and give the money to Jerry. Elaine has stock options at Peterman's and buys George coffee. George feels that she is "sticking" it to him. George tries to convince his parents to stay in Queens because he wants their money. They then decide to buy expensive things and move to Florida. Kramer's girlfriend has the "jimmy legs" and they sleep in the Costanza's apartment when they go to Florida. Jerry buys back the Cadillac from Clompus for 14000 dollars. Clompus crashes it along Alligator Alley. Jerry has to sleep in the Cadillac because he has no money. Elaine hires Morty Seinfeld because he thinks he needs to support Jerry. Peterman returns and dismisses Elaine from her position with no stock options. The Seinfeld's sell their condo and attach a camper to their Cadillac.

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