ollowing the mysterious disappearance of Major Briggs, Cooper and Truman investigate his research with the Air Force which involved in classified dealings with paranormal events which includes an unofficial search for a place called the White Lodge and the Black Lodge. Cooper refuses to offer a defense to Agent Hardy and instead confuses the IA agent with more mystical talk. Later, a transvestite DEA agent, named Dennis (Denise) Bryson, arrives to investigate the drug charges against Cooper. All of Twin Peaks gathers for the wedding of Doug Milford to a young gold digger, named Lana Budding. On the road, James stops in a small town several miles from Twin Peaks where a young wealthy heiress, named Evelyn Marsh, picks him up and offers him a job to fix her husband's car. Back in Twin Peaks, Nadine tries to win Mike Nelson's affections with her super-human strength which instead nets the eyes of the school's wrestling coach. Ben Horne is further distraught after learning from Hank that Jean Renault has ousted him as the owner of One-Eyed Jacks and Hank is now under Renault's employment, while Catherine also reveals her presence back in Twin Peaks. Dick Treymene tries to train himself for parenthood when he takes a young, rambunctious orphan boy, named Little Nicky, under his wing to impress Lucy. Meanwhile, Josie suddenly shows up on Truman's doorstep revealing that she's run away from her employer, a South African gangster named Thomas Eckard, who's now looking for her. When Truman refuses to help Josie, she goes to Catherine who agrees to help under her own conditions. Also, it's revealed that Andrew Packard, whom Eckerd hired Josie to kill, who subcontracted Hank to do the deed, is alive and plans with Catherine to bring down Josie.

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