en Horne continues to slip deeper into insanity while Bobby tries to win his admiration by tailing Hank Jennings and photographs him in a drug dealing meeting. Cooper looks into real estate to buy in thought of staying in Twin Peaks and uncovers recent drug activity at a run-down house called Dead Dog Farm. Audrey helps Cooper prove his innocence of the drug dealing charges by showing him the photos Bobby took, in which Cooper and Agent Bryson approach the weak-willed Ernie Niles to persuade him to turn in Jean Renault, Hank and the corrupt Mountie King. Meanwhile, Truman investigates when Dougie Milford dies from a heart attack on his wedding night, in which Mayor Milford insists that Lana Budding be charged with murder through sex. Cooper and Truman receive a visit from a visiting Air Force colonel investigating Major Briggs' disappearance who tells them about the Major's top-secret search for the so-called White Lodge. Elsewhere, Dick Tremayne takes Little Nicky out camping where the youth's attitude scares him after learning from Nicky's case worker that his parents died under mysterious circumstances. Nadine continues to try to win Mike Nelson's affections by body-slamming him while trying out for the school's wrestling team. Catherine and Pete Martell continue to gloat and taunt Josie who now works for them as a maid. At the Marsh estate, James learns more about Eveleyn's troubled marriage from her chauffeur, Malcolm, in which he cannot resist temptation to the femme fatal.

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