ooper and Truman discuss the opening moves by the fugitive Windom Earle over the discovery of a dead body in Truman's office which is the opening move of a deadly chess game when each pawn is taken, a person dies. Cooper also confides in Truman about his past with Windom Earle and his involvement with Earle's wife that may have pushed him over the edge. Following Leo's rampage and attempt to kill Shelly, he fees into the woods, and ends up in the cabin housing the shadowy Windom Earle. Meanwhile, Andy confides in Lucy about his and Dick's suspicion concerning Little Nicky. Lucy then asks Dr. Hayward for help who then finally clears the mystery about Nicky. Major Briggs also confides in Cooper and Truman about his work for the Air Force's classified search for the so-called White Lodge. At the Marsh estate, James meets Evelyn's husband for the first time, who turns out to be a nice guy. In the nearby town, Donna arrives with money for James, and instead meets Evelyn who tells her that James has left town already. Back in Twin Peaks, Big Ed confides in Dr. Hayward about Nadine dating Mike Nelson. Dr. Jacoby also clears grifter Lana Budding of any misdeeds concerning the death of Doug Milford, but it takes some persuasion from the elderly the senile Mayor Milford to convince him otherwise. Meanwhile, Catherine reveals to Pete that Andrew Packard is alive and they let him in on their plans to bring down Josie by contacting her former boss/lover, the ruthless South African businessman, Thomas Eckhardt who arrives in Twin Peaks looking for Josie. Also, Audrey and Bobby ask Jerry Horne for help concerning Ben's delusion who continues to reenact the Civil War, while Dr. Jacoby persuades Ben to push for a Confederate victory.

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