ames becomes a fugitive when Evelyn's husband is found murdered. James teams up with Donna to try to prove his innocence, while Evelyn is pressured by her abusive boyfriend, Malcolm, to continue their charade of playing the "victims" to James's doings. Back in Twin Peaks, Albert Rosenfield arrives to deliver to Cooper and Truman the classified file on the fugitive Windom Earle and of his motivations. Cooper asks Pete to help him in his chess moves to try to combat Earle's moves. Meanwhile, Catherine contacts Thomas Eckhardt who learns that Josie is now her maid and under her protection. Bobby and Shelly give their statement about Leo's rampage and disappearance, and also that Hank Jennings that was the one who shot Leo that night. Truman questions Josie about a murder back in Seattle, while Cooper finally learns that it was Josie who shot him that night after finding a black vicuña coat in her laundry. At Windom Earle's cabin, he holds the half-witted Leo against his will with an electric collar and forcible recruits Leo as his henchman to help him stalk Cooper. Big Ed and Norma finally consummate their relationship, while Nadine finds out and reacts with indifference. Meanwhile, Ben continues reenacting the Civil War, while Audrey, Bobby, Jerry, and Dr. Jacoby dress up in Civil War costumes to implement the 'Appomattox Seneario' to finally bring Ben back to reality.

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