ooper, Truman and the deputies find new markings discovered by Windom Earle in the form of a large map-like petroglyph. Meanwhile, Windom Earle picks up a heavy metal roadie where he confides in his intentions to find the mysterious Black Lodge, and then kills him as another chess pawn. Leo begins to show disillusionment to Earle over his methods, but is held in check. Catherine shows Pete and Truman the mysterious puzzle box left behind by Thomas Eckhardt and upon opening it, reveals another box inside it. As the town prepares for the annual Miss Twin Peaks Beauty Pagent, the conniving Lana Budding Milford enters as a contestant and persuades the elderly and senile Mayor Milford, who's one of the judges, to vote in her favor. Elsewhere, Cooper continues dating Annie, unaware that Windom Earle knows about their newfound romance. Cooper finally learns about the love poem that Shelly, Donna, and Audrey received from Windom Earle, and correctly concludes that Leo is also working for Earle. Gordon Cole goes on a date with Shelly and kisses her goodbye as he leaves Twin Peaks, in which Bobby sees it. Dick Tremayne hosts a wine-tasting fund raiser at the Great Northern for Ben Horne's opposition to Catherine's development plans for Ghostwood. Donna continues to investigate her parents past which may involve Ben Horne. With Audrey out of town, Wheeler confides in Cooper about his feelings for Audrey, and tells Ben that he must leave for Brazil to take over his partner's business.

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