eo releases Major Briggs with a plea to save Shelly. Windom Earle finds out and retaliates by tying up Leo to a lethal device and leaves his cabin and Leo to an uncertain fate. The delusional and dehydrated Major Briggs is found by Deputy Hawk and returned to the police station where Briggs makes little sense about his captivity, but leaves clues to how to find the Black Lodge. Meanwhile, Ben continues to seek a path to goodness, while Audrey confides in him that her business trip to Seattle reveals the Twin Peaks Savings & Loan is supporting Catherine's development plans. Andrew and Pete manage to get the last silver box open to reveal a safety deposit key. Lana seduces Dick Tremayne to get him to vote for her in the beauty pageant while Mr. Pinkle rehearses dance moves with the other contestants. Nadine reveals to Dr. Jacoby that she wants to marry Mike Nelson as soon as Big Ed and Norma are married. Cooper and Truman discuss more about the power and significance of the Black Lodge as Andy finally discovers that the cave painting is a map to the lodge itself. Donna finally learns the secret between Ben Horne and her mother: Ben is actually her biological father. Lucy finally chooses Andy to be the father for her baby. Cooper and Annie finally consummate their relationship. The Miss Twin Peaks Beauty Pagent gets underway as Windom Earle arrives at the event disguised as the Log Lady to abduct Annie.

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