ooper and Agent Rosenfeld are alerted when an attempt is made on Ronnette Pulaski's life at the hospital. Meanwhile, Donna meets with the reclusive Harold Smith, a orchid cultivator, whom she asks about Laura. At the One-Eyed Jacks, Audrey is held prisoner by Blackie and Emory whom are under the employment of Jean Renault who plans to extract a ransom from Benjamin Horne, as well as kill Cooper whom he blames for the deaths of his brothers Bernard and Jacques. Leland comes to the police station after seeing the police sketch of Killer Bob claiming to have known the mysterious man from his childhood. Elsewhere, Lucy meets with the suave and vain Dick Tremayne where she confides that she's pregnant from a brief fling they had and the baby may be his. The mysterious Asian man staying at the Great Northern Hotel continues to follow Cooper around. Philip Michael Gerard, the one-armed man, has a seizure after seeing the sketch of Killer Bob, and emerges as his alter ego, 'Mike'. At the hospital, Nadine Hurley awakens from her coma, but to Big Ed's bewilderment, she thinks she's 18 years old and in high school. Nearby, Dr. Jacoby is hypnotized by Cooper to look back into that night when Jacques Renault was murdered. Also, Donna continues to become jealous over James hanging around Maddy and runs to Harold for comfort.

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