hawn is given the chance to get into Pen-brook College and is also given the chance to take the full time photo position of developing photos at his job and tells Cory, Angela & Topanga that he'll be taking the job instead. Cory keeps trying to change Shawn's mind through out the episode, While Cory, also tries to stop Mr. Feeny from retiring to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Alan & Amy try picking out wallpaper for the baby room which is Cory & Eric's old room. Topanga gets accepted into Yale & Pen-Brook and has to make a decision of what is more important Cory, Angela, Shawn or Yale one of the highest ranked Ivy League Schools in the nation. Cory ends up having a Nervous Breakdown because he has problems accepting change through out the entire episode. But in the end Cory ends up finally accepting all of the changes that are going through his life.

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