hile out on a walk with Sully, Brian climbs a tree to show he could fly like the eagle in Sully's story but falls and hits his head. At first every thing seems fine and the town gets ready to build a school house. Brian is really excited about it and goes to help Lorne but loses his sight. Lorne rushes him to Dr. Mike. Although she is certain of what it is she does not know how to fix it. She wires for a doctor in Boston to advise as to nearest specialist. Dr. Mike refuses to leave his bed side and when they finally get word that the specialist is coming they find that he had slipped into a coma. Sully finally shows back up after being gone for 2 days and Michaela being so scared blames Sully. When they find that the stage will take longer to get here Dr. Mike realizes that there is not other way but to do the operation herself.

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