lark is ready to tell Lois that he's Superman when he is interrupted by Jason Masick who has obtained a diary written by Tempus which reveals, among other things, that Clark is Superman. Jase kidnaps the Kents who are in Metropolis to celebrate their anniversary, and blackmails Clark into stealing $20 million in diamonds from Jase's brother's jewelry store. Jase is also working with Lex Luthor's former accomplice, Nigel St. John, who has the Kryptonite that he took from Lex, so that he can kill Superman. Clark robs the diamonds but Lois, who had followed him, confronts him. Clark tells Lois that his parents were kidnapped. They find out that Jase paid for Nigel's plane ticket. Together they go to see Jase. Their conversation is overheard by Nigal who tells Jase that he wants Lois dead. Jase then tells Clark that he wants him to deliver Lois' body to him or he'll kill the Kents. Lois tells Clark not to worry and to have Superman meet her at her apartment. Lois asks Superman to freeze her so that she would appear dead. After Superman grudgingly agrees she tells him to tell Clark that she loves him. Superman tells her that Clark knows but he would tell him. Before freezing her he caresses her face exactly as Clark had done so earlier. Lois gasps. Superman freezes her and takes her body to Jase. Nigel opens a box containing Kryptonite and they lock a disabled Superman into the same lead-lined room that the Kents were in along with the Kryptonite. Jase offers Nigel a drink from a flask. Then Nigel pulls a gun on Jase and demands the diary. Jase laughs and asks if Nigel knows how Jase's father died. He tells Nigel that he (Jase) poisoned him. Nigel clutches his chest and dies. Martha asks if Superman has enough strength to freeze the grate. He does. Then she tells Jonathan to throw the Kryptonite at the grate which shatters and tosses it out of the room. Superman breaks down the door and goes to thaw Lois. Jonathan gives Martha a book and a trip to Italy for their anniversary. Superman then goes to see Jase and burns the diary. Clark and Lois take a walk in Centennial Park. It starts to rain but Clark tells Lois he wouldn't leave until he finishes what he has to say. He then asks Lois to marry him. Lois looks at the ring and says "Clark..." This was the season 2 cliffhanger.

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