ime traveler H.G. Wells and evil villain Tempus are back for the third time. Lois and Clark are married, and about to consummate their relationship, when they are rudely interrupted by H.G. Wells. Wells informs them, they are soul mates and there is a curse on the love of their souls. The only way to lift the curse would be to travel in time, to the period when the curse was first applied. Lois and Clark accompany H.G. Wells to medieval times, to a land where Tempus is a lord, and Clark, without his powers, is Lord Tempus' most impressive knight. Clark has a secret identity, of course, he is also The Fox, who dresses like Robin Hood, and robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Lois is Lady Lane, girlfriend to Lord Tempus, but secret lover of Clark. Perry is a friar, and friend of the Fox, Jimmy is a royal page with Lord Tempus, while Martha & Jonathan Kent are a local peasant couple, who know about Clark's secret. Lois and Clark must stop the Sorcerer's curse before it's too late, or else the love of their souls will be doomed for all eternity.

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