hile a Romulan delegation arrives on the station, chief O'Brien gets an accident. A plasma conduit blew out, but Bashir think's it's not serious. The Romulan delegation wants information about the Gamma Quadrant and especially the Dominion just as was agreed in the cloaking device agreement. But no matter how much they try, Sisko and Kira just can't seem to satisfy their needs. Meanwhile a group of Klingons has also arrived. Chief O'Brien tries to convince Quark to put up a dart board in the bar. Suddenly he gets a hallucination of himself talking to Quark about the Klingons damaging one of his holosuites and passes out. When his vision comes true, both Bashir and Dax can't find out what exactly is wrong. Then O'Brien gets another vision. He soon realizes that he experiences things that are about to happen in the near future and they aren't of the pleasant variety.

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