or three bars of latinum Quark buys the right to salvage a stranded ship in the Gamma Quadrant. Apart from a crying baby, he doesn't find anything of value. Bashir notices the boy has a very fast metabolic rate, he's growing extremely fast. Before the crew knows it, he is a teenager that starts fighting on the promenade. Only Odo is able to calm him down and Jadzia realizes he is a Jem'Hadar. When Odo hears the boy is to be examined in a Federation laboratory, he convinces Sisko that he should take care of the boy. Odo wants to try to change his nature, so he could live on Deep Space Nine as a normal humanoid. Meanwhile Sisko invites Jake's girlfriend Mardah for dinner. She's four years older than Jake and a Dabo girl at Quark's. Sisko is very opposed to their relationship.

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