he war between the Klingons and the Federation is rapidly progressing into a full scale conflict and Starfleet has decided that something must be done. Now that Odo has told Chancellor Gowron is a changeling, Sisko is ordered to infiltrate into the Klingon Empire and expose him. Sisko selects O'Brien, Worf and Odo as the people to go with him, there's only one problem. Odo is still having a great deal of trouble adjusting to his new life as a "solid". His work isn't fulfilling anymore and he's not interested in joining the mission. Sisko doesn't take no for an answer. Meanwhile, the plan is taking shape, with only one problem. Gowron moved his headquarters to Ty'Gokor, heavily fortified and located in a tachyon grid protected asteroid field deep in Klingon space. Gowron is also protected by the Yan-Isleth, his personal security force. Approaching the chancellor unnoticed seems impossible.

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