hen young warrior Aelon, fallen on the field of honor, appears to them as a ghost, like other soldiers before in Tantalus since the recent death of king Memnos, their mother sends his kid brother Krytus, who would rather become a scholar like his father, to enlist Hercules and Iolaus's help. They get a good reception from the new king, their friend Daulin, Memnos's son, who is fighting off an armed revolt by his sister Poena's mercenaries commanded by Jarton, another friend from the field. Poena claims Daulin committed fratricide for the throne, both sides see their dead stolen. Hercules finds footprints from Graegus, Ares's dog of war, who feeds only on the blood of the fallen, but neither side is prepared to stop the senseless war. Hercules takes on his full-divine but evil half-brother, the real regicide with an assumed identity...

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