ercules runs from king Thespius' 50 daughters, all horny for his seed, so he's game when Androcles reports a cyclops who chases and wounds villagers to protect Hera's sacred vineyards. He first meets traveling toga-salesman Salmoneus, who 'elects' him as sponsored hero. Trachis' village leader Atreus' men, who tried to re-divert the river to their fields, are scared off by the cyclops and get Hercules to join; he ducks when the maidens turn up at their campfire, which makes the villagers doubt his courage, but that's easily cured in a fist-fight. Castor, Hera's evil slave-master, who enjoys whipping slaves in the winery, thinks Hercules comes just in time to be decapitated for Hera's feast, but the captain of her guards warns him not to fail. Hercules easily decks the giant, but learns his temper comes from being bullied as a child for being a 'freak' and stays while the villagers divert the river. After the maidens stripped Salmoneus for selling them bad togas, Hercules tells them he only mates for love. Now Castor and his cyclops have failed, the captain kills him and conjures up skeleton-executioners. The cyclops comes to the villagers in good faith, but is immediately pelted and runs off; the one girl he has an eye on follows him to his cave, where he tells her and Hercules, who catches up, the executioners are more dangerous, but offers to help them...

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