ercules would have saved time by going around a toll bridge on the road to the games in Thrace, but Iolaus started a fight with the guardian gang, which they both enjoy anyway. Lydia is chased and captured by a gang of road bandits masquerading as satyrs. Hercules follows a sign to Thrace, Iolaus insists to bet it's a trap and splits. A ferryman claims the lake is filled with all kinds of deadly monsters, as is the only alternative land road; Hercules spares himself the fair by carrying a boat which would have taken ten ordinary men. In no time Iolaus is lost and captured, in the same hole as Lydia, who was only on the road as only volunteer to go look for Hercules, the region's only hope. On the boat, Hercules is visited by Nemesis, who is invisible to mortals and explains she just executes orders to deliver divine justice, while Hercules claims to judge fairly himself, then she admits her next mission is to make arrogant Iolaus cause his own death by an arrow on Hera's command. Iolaus and Lydia escape; Rankor's bandits chase them with hounds to avoid being exposed as mortals; Iolaus' mud trick works, but they are tracked to the lake, where a giant eel attacks Lydia but is defeated by Iolaus, who next sets efficient traps for the bandits. Arrows chase them into a cave, where Iolaus must fight a hydra. Hercules finds and knocks down the bandits, helped by Nemesis, who convinces him not to intervene. Lydia's father's hunting trick to make fire chases the hydra till Rankor has entered and gets attacked while they escape, but catches up after the joined Hercules in the village, where Nemesis...

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