he Sliders interrupt the abduction of a young woman, Melinda. Quinn is recognized by one of the attackers as a Mallory, prompting the attacker to turn into a bird and fly away. The Sliders pass the woman to the authorities and discover she is apprentice of a disgraced Druid, Gareth, who's been thrown out the movement for practicing black magic. Quinn is enamored by the girl and launches a rescue attempt. Gareth senses Mallory's desire for Melinda and uses her as bait. Having succeeded in capturing Mallory, Gareth transfers his own essence into Quinn's body. Meanwhile Wade casts a spell to help Rembrandt hook up with a girl he liked. The spell backfires and Rembrandt appears to fall in love with Wade. Professor Arturo, knowing of Quinn's fate, links up with Melinda and attempts to rescue Mallory. Arturo discovers he has to badly injure Quinn to force Gareth to leave the body. Having been defeated, Gareth withdraws to his castle and extracts revenge on Mellnda by sending a dragon to kill her.

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