he Sliders arrive in a USA that is a constitutional monarchy. Arturo is injured during the slide, and Rembrandt is mistaken as the Prince of the USA. Complications set in when Lady Danielle has issues during her pregnancy, and the baby needs to be transferred in Rembrandt's body. Some years earlier a virus swept the world forcing all pregnancies to term during the second trimester. Rembrandt can carry the baby to term, but will miss the slide to do so. Meanwhile intrigue develops as Lady Mary appears to be behind a series of assassinations of the King and his children. Rembrandt begins to grow into his role as a Prince and wonders if they should not tell Lady Danielle the truth and take his chances. Eventually Danielle suspects Rembrandt and he is forced to confess. We soon learn that Mary was hiding the truth of succession and by eliminating other heirs would be able to push her illegitimate son's claim. Mary's plan is uncovered by her son and he forces her to confess. Meanwhile the baby has come early and Arturo is forced to do a successful emergency C section.

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